Daniel Speiser

Bio:Prof. Dr. med. Daniel Speiser
Internal Medicine FMH
Ludwig Cancer Center
Department of Oncology
University of Lausanne

Mission statement:
  • Integrated Personalized Melanoma Research & Therapy
  • In depth and highly comprehensive patient investigation, including academic clinical studies
  • Move clinical research and clinician-scientists up the value chain

Research aims:
  • Cellular and molecular features of T cells conferring protection from infection or cancer
  • Mechanisms of immune tolerance and immune inhibition
  • Effects of the tumor micro- and macro-environments on biological and clinical outcome and responses to treatment

  • Analysis of human immune cells (cellular/biochemical/molecular techniques, cell sorting and single cell analysis, emphasis on direct ex vivo studies and cell functions)
  • Clinical investigation and trials, study conduct, ethical and regulatory affaires, Helsinki declaration versus GCP (so-called 'Good Clinical Practice')

Recent publications:
  1. Speiser D.E., S. Wieckowski, B. Gupta, E.M. Iancu, P. Baumgaertner, L. Baitsch, O. Michielin, P. Romero and N. Rufer. Single cell analysis reveals similar functional competence of dominant and non-dominant CD8 T-cell clonotypes. Proc.Natl.Acad.Sci. U.S.A. 2011. 108:15318-15323.
  2. Nikolaev S.I., D. Rimoldi, C. Iseli, A. Valsesia, D. Robyr, C. Gehrig, K. Harshman, M. Guipponi, O. Bukach, V. Zoete, O. Michielin, K. Muehlethaler, D. Speiser, J.S. Beckmann, I. Xenarios, Th.D. Halazonetis, C.V. Jongeneel, B.J. Stevenson, and S.E. Antonarakis. Exome sequencing identifies recurrent somatic MAP2K1 and MAP2K2 mutations in melanoma. Nature Genetics 2011. 44:133-139.
  3. Baitsch L., P. Baumgaertner, E. Devêvre, S.K. Raghav, A. Legat, L. Barba, S. Wieckowski, H. Bouzourene, B. Deplancke, P. Romero, N. Rufer and D.E. Speiser. Exhaustion of tumor-specific CD8 T cells in metastases from melanoma patients. Journal of Clinical Investigation 2011. 121:2350-2360.
  4. Baitsch L., S.A. Fuertes-Marraco, A. Legat, Ch. Meyer and D.E. Speiser. The three main stumbling blocks for anti-cancer T cells. Review Article. Trends in Immunology 2012. 33: 364-372.
  5. Utzschneider D., A. Legat, S.A. Fuertes-Marraco, L. Carrié, I. Luescher, D.E. Speiser and D. Zehn. T cells maintain an exhausted phenotype following antigen withdrawal and re-expansion. Nature Immunology 2013. 14:603-610.

Address:Ludwig Cancer Center
Department of Oncology
University of Lausanne
CH - Switzerland

Last update: Thursday, January 26, 2012
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